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Equine Hoof Fungus

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Equine Hoof Fungus

There is an infectious skin condition known as scratches or greased heel. The first stage of this skin infection is known as scratches, the second stage is known as greased heel. 

Equine Hoof Fungus Article By Link Casey photo 1.jpg
Equine Hoof Fungus Article By Link Casey photo 2.jpg

As seen in these photos, is the condition of scratches. This condition usually starts in the hairline above the bulbs but can spread around the hairline.

What causes this, is wet, muddy and unsanitary conditions. When moisture and debris collect on the hair it will start to infect the skin almost like dermatitis. This condition is very simple to treat with a Betadine Solution and a soft bristle brush. The skin and hair can be cleaned and should be kept dry. If this area is not cleaned and kept dry it will develop into a greased heel.

Equine Hoof Fungus Article By Link Casey photo 3.jpg

Greased heel is when the infection has migrated into the skin and it will have a liquidity discharge also having a greasy texture: hints the name ‘greased heel’.

This bacterial infection is very simple to prevent by keeping your horse in dry clean areas, or at least out of the mud. Horses with long feathers are more prone to this condition. So more preventative measures will be required.

Written by:
Link Casey, Certified Master Farrier & Educator
Casey & Son Horseshoeing School, Farriers’ National Research Center, LaFayette, Georgia
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