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At Georgia Horseshoeing School, we train farriers by providing knowledge and skill at the highest level. Using the latest technology, we provide farriers with the best education possible. Learn corrective horseshoeing, hoof repair, gait analysis, blacksmithing and business management for horseshoers.

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For horse-owners, farriers, anyone who trims or shoes. We have valuable information on abscesses, contracted heels, hoof cracks, forging etc. 

The Grammar School of Trimming & Shoeing Horses

Ginger C.

6 Steps Defined & Diagrams

What is the Primary Reason for Shoeing a Horse?

To keep the bony column of the leg in alignment, wherein when the foot strikes the ground, the entire bony column, including the spine, equally absorbs the concussion.
In order to achieve this, we must balance the horse.. 
Balance is defined as equal weight distributed all around the shoe.

There are SIX STEPS to Balancing the Hoof and Horse for Sound Shoeing
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To simplify these 6 steps, the farrier is trying to keep your horse just like it was when it was born. All the 6 steps will be the same: the leg length, the toe length, the lateral and medial balance, the symmetrical, the natural angle and to keep the line in the center of the shoe.

4. It is vitally important that the farrier have a good knowledge of the lower limb conformation. This plays an important role in the way the horse will be shod. The toed-in horse wings out, figure 5, while in motion. The toed-out horse will wing in while in motion, figure 6. Figure 7 shows the ideal conformation,

TOED-IN              TOED-OUT               IDEAL
                             Motion pattern      Motion pattern
                                wings out               wings in
   Figure 5                Figure 6               Figure 7

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The Grammar School of Trimming and Shoeing Horses

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