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14013 Georgia East Hwy 136
LaFayette, GA, 30728


At Georgia Horseshoeing School, we train farriers by providing knowledge and skill at the highest level. Using the latest technology, we provide farriers with the best education possible. Learn corrective horseshoeing, hoof repair, gait analysis, blacksmithing and business management for horseshoers.


Attendance Options

Full Time Trade School, Tues - Sat year round AND convenient part-time scheduling. PAY AS YOU GO OPTIONS! 

Don't Forget To Visit Our Farrier Science Research Center! Click HERE

No matter how you choose to study, you will receive the same amount of valuable education. Every day is a hands-on working day with new horses, new forge work needed, and new hoof problems to solve. Horses are brought directly to the school so you are not wasting your time traveling. On occasion, we go out to owner locations and field trips that everyone enjoys. You will receive the same amount of training, whether you attend full-time or part-time. The number of students per day is limited to provide plenty of personal instruction. You will also have the fortunate opportunity to work with farriers at the Farriers' National Research Center as well and participate in specialty and continuing education clinics. So we suggest you plan on working hard and being the best farrier you can be!

Full – time
Is described as attending
five days a week. 
2, 6, or 12 weeks
Straight through.
2 weeks = 10 days
6 weeks = 30 days
12 weeks = 60 days

Student at Casey & Son Horseshoeing School

Part – time
Is described as attending less than five days a week (even just one) but over a longer period of time with a final goal of attending the 10 day, 
30 day or
60 day course.

Course Descriptions

Hand Tools


Saturday only
Is described as attending only one day a week if necessary with a final goal of attending a 10 day, 30 day, or 60 day course… the same as a part-time student.

Group of students at Casey & Son Horseshoeing School


Q: There's No Way I Can Do The 12 Week Course While I'm Still On Active Duty. If I Do The 6 Week Course Can I Come Back For The Second Half Of The 12 Week Or Are They Not Set Up For That?

A: Yes, of course! When you return, you would just pick up where you left off and continue week 7 through 12. You pay the 6 week tuition first and just pay the balance of the courses when you return.

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