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14013 Georgia East Hwy 136
LaFayette, GA, 30728


At Georgia Horseshoeing School, we train farriers by providing knowledge and skill at the highest level. Using the latest technology, we provide farriers with the best education possible. Learn corrective horseshoeing, hoof repair, gait analysis, blacksmithing and business management for horseshoers.

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Using and choosing the right Farrier tool for you is part of class. Our tool package includes various brands such as Mustad, NC Tool, Yoder, Nordic, Bloom,
Heller, Anvil Brand & GE. 
We Offer Quality Tools At Economical Prices!


  • Purchase New Farrier Tools here.

  • Or if you own tools, bring them with you.

  • Use our loaner Farrier Tools (until you can afford to purchase your own).

The tool packages below describe what is needed by your side daily
plus the brands that we use.   

2 week student tools With Name Brand                        ____  $1,000.00   

  • 14 oz Driving Hammer Nordic

  • 36 oz Rounding Hammer Nordic

  • 15” Hoof Nippers (or 14”) Mustad required new by all

  • Saddle Horse Clinchers Mustad

  • Clinch Cutter Nordic

  • Crease Nail Pullers Mustad

  • Shoe Pullers Mustad

  • Clinch Block Mustad

  • 1 Rasps with handle Variety required new by all

  • Hoof Knife (right or left handed) Variety required new by all

  • Knife Sharpener NC Tool

  • Center Punch Nordic

  • Handled Wire Brush Variety required new by all

  • Shoeing Apron NC Tool (if extra long or wide + $20.00)

  • Aluminum Shoeing Box Yoders

  • School Manual and DVD

     The following additional items for the 6 & 12 Week Students       ______ $1,500.00    Package  Option 1  

  • Additional Rasp and handle variety

  • 1.5 Calvary Rounding Hammer NC Tool

  • Fire Tongs, size 5/16 NC Tool

  • Pritchel (5 city head) Nordic

  • Fore Punch (5 city head) Mustad

  • Creaser Mustad

  • Hoof Gauge and Divider W & S

We have designed an Additional Option for our 12 Week Students
(Option 2) all of the above plus:

  • Anvil & Stand ($820 value)

  • EFT Tools ($100.00)  Anatomy Book ($80.00) $2,500.00    Package  Option 2

6 Week Advanced Course ……………….………._______$ 1,300.00

  • Gas Forge and Specialty items.

Georgia 7% sales tax is included.
Shipping charges
on heavy items will be additional.

The School Manual is provided as part of your tuition. You should provide a 3 ring notebook, additional paper and pens, etc. 

The EFT Book can be purchased separately  ($30.00 value)

The EFT D-Stressor tools can be sold separately.  ($100 value)

We provide a variety of learning resources & a variety of books in the classroom for you to study from, without purchase.

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