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14013 Georgia East Hwy 136
LaFayette, GA, 30728


At Georgia Horseshoeing School, we train farriers by providing knowledge and skill at the highest level. Using the latest technology, we provide farriers with the best education possible. Learn corrective horseshoeing, hoof repair, gait analysis, blacksmithing and business management for horseshoers.

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Tuition & VA Funding

Classes are held Tuesday through Saturday, year round.
Our school allows you to attend on a full-time, part-time
or Saturday-only schedule.
Click on "Attendance Options" to learn more. 

Tuition Cost Includes: 
Hands on Training, Clean Lodging, 2 Hot Meals A Day, Farrier Tools, Anvil, Forges, Books, Farrier Business, Farrier Science & Excellent Staff! 

5 Courses to Choose From:
2-days to 24-weeks.

Pay in full or PAY AS YOU GO part time. 

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Tuition and Cost (NO Extra or Hidden Fees Found Here)

Full time courses = 5 days a week, Tuesday – Saturday, 8-10 hours a day,

Part Time course schedules = per individual, same cost, pay as you go option, Tues- Sat, 8-10 hours a day

Trim Class: 2 days = 18 hours or more

Tuition: $250.00

Tools, Books: $75.00 optional

Horseshoeing I: 2 weeks = 10 days, 90 hours or more

Tuition: $1,250.00

New Tools, Books (Optional): $1,000.00

Total: $2,250.00

Horseshoeing II: 6 weeks = 30 days, 270 hours or more

Tuition: $5,100.00

New Tools, Books: $1,500.00

Total: $6,600.00 

Horseshoeing III: 12 weeks = 60 days, 549 hours or more

Includes: Equine Flexion Therapy (EFT) Beginner course, book and tools

Option 2 Tuition: $8,300.00
Option 1 Tools & Books: $1,500.00
Anvil & Stand: $820
EFT Tools: $100.00
Anatomy Book: $80.00 
Total: $10,800.00

Option 1 Tuition: $8,300.00
New Tools, Books: $1,500.00

Total: $9,800.00

Horseshoeing IV: 6 Week Advanced Continuing Education = is 6 weeks additional (30 days) 270 Hours or More after 12-week course.

Includes: Equine Flexion Therapy (EFT) Intermediate course

Tuition: $7,600.00

Gas Forge and Specialty items needed: $1,300.00

Total: $8,900.00

Farrier Certification/Membership Dues ARE NOT included in the above prices.
Payable upon successful graduation of $85.00 or $200.00 to the BWFA.
With one Exception:
(These dues are included in the Veteran Post 9/11 funding).

These prices are all the SAME, for full-time and part-time or one day at a time Students. Pay the deposit down, then each day is priced according to your course choice on a “pay as you go plan.” It can’t be any easier than that and again…This is the ONLY School with this offer !!

Also Continuing Education and Refresher Courses:

All students are welcome to return for a few days for a refresher at NO charge, cost of meals only.

For extended stays and other currently working farriers:

Offered Tuesday – Saturday, during our normal school days.

Most farriers request Hot Forge work, modifying a variety of factory made shoes and of your choice, bar stock for handmade shoes using gas forges and introduction to the coal forge, Fitting the shoes to LIVE Hoses. Bring your own tools. Your own rig optional. We will provide necessary equipment & stock.

You tell us what you need to work on.

1 -2 Days: $125.00 each

1 week = 5 days $750.00.

2 weeks = 10 days $1,500.00

Includes lodging, two meals a day + $125.00 test fee if
BWFA Certification or upgrade is requested.


What can I study before my first day at Casey & Son Horseshoeing School?

Horse breeds, anatomy of the whole horse and lower limb and hooves, genders, colors, riding disciplines, horse registrations.

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Please note: Farrier Certification is available for 6 & 12 week students. The $200.00 dues IS NOT included in above tuition.