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14013 Georgia East Hwy 136
LaFayette, GA, 30728


At Georgia Horseshoeing School, we train farriers by providing knowledge and skill at the highest level. Using the latest technology, we provide farriers with the best education possible. Learn corrective horseshoeing, hoof repair, gait analysis, blacksmithing and business management for horseshoers.

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Veteran Education

We are the Number 1 Horseshoeing School for Veterans in the United States! VA approved for our horseshoeing 6, 12, and 6 week advanced courses. Post 9/11 funding & the Forever Bill will cover tuition and tools. Learn more about using the Post-9/11 and other GI-Bills to begin your career as a farrier below! Horses offer a challenging and rewarding career for veterans.

Many Veterans have asked us "How often will I shoe a LIVE horse or will I only work with dead feet like OTHER schools?"

100% Hands On Shoeing With LIVE Horses At Our School!
We NEVER Shoe Cadaver Horse Hooves!!!
There is NO WAY you can be properly taught
without a live horse!

We are proud to accept Veterans of all Military Branches and have worked hard with the vA to offer
this all inclusive package:
For example, Our 12 week Course & Option 2 Tools Includes:

  • Tuition

  • Clean Lodging

  • Two Home Cooked Meals On School Days

  • Farrier Tools Package
    Plus: Anvil & Stand
    Plus: EFT Tools & Book
    Plus: Anatomy Book

Plus: Membership Trade Dues into a Farrier Association to achieve your Farrier Certification upon successful completion/graduation. 

Also VA Approved is our 6 Week Course! 
All Inclusive: Tuition, Lodging, Meals & $1,300 worth of Tools for $8,900!

Veterans Horseshoeing

Good news!!

Most Veteran educational funding will cover the cost of tuition and required fees/tools and your farrier certification dues!!

We have worked hard every year to provide the maximum benefit to our U.S. Military Veteran Students! Thank you for all that you do for us.

Started by a Navy Veteran and partnered with
Fort Villanow Veterans Project.   

All Veterans receive a free membership while attending school! Participate with other Veterans during your time off. Enjoy a soothing stress free atmosphere with a big screen TV, poker & pool table, lounge and drink services.  

First, call or email our office to discuss your plans, a start date, etc. 

We are recognized as Chapter 33, a non-college degree (NCD) School.

Post 9/11 funding will pay the tuition fee and tools fee directly to the school. You will personally receive a stipend or other funding to pay for books and other personal housing funds they allow you. That money will go directly to your checking account so be sure to set up your direct deposit information with the VA.

How to apply…….
The best way is to call 1-888-442-4551 and speak to a live person.
Or just go online to apply

They will set up an E-file of your approval and percentage of funding called a
“Certificate of Eligibility.”

You will then be asked to complete form VA 22-1990 or VA 22-1995 on-line to request to attend this school.

You will need to know the following:
Our facility code is   25008911       

  • We are recognized as a NCD School or Program, Chapter 33 is post 9/11

  • Our courses are based on Clock Hours (not semesters)

  • You should receive an email back that “yes, this school is approved.”

  • Call our office for a start date and any questions you have about scheduling, etc.

Then, send us a copy:

  • of your Certificate of Eligibility

  • the two page VA checklist for this school signed & dated Click here

  • our School Contract signed & dated

  • our Enrollment Agreement signed & dated

Our office will process the necessary forms for funding on-line the day you arrive ! 

Mail, fax or scan and send by email to our office. 

Notice: AS OF 8/1/17

  • System Advisory: Post 9/11 Statement of Benefits

  • Purpose: To provide information to the Regional Processing Offices regarding a new feature in

  • Background: VA Education Service has been working with the Digital Services Team to move self-service functionality into All VONAPP forms were moved as of May 2017. Currently in eBenefits, Post-9/11 GI Bill beneficiaries can view their Education Enrollment Status. This status includes original and used entitlement, benefit percentage, delimiting date, and enrollment information. This same information will now be available in

  • Issue: Student can currently print the eBenefits page as proof of eligibility in lieu of a Certificate of Eligibility; however, some schools do not accept it. In the user will be able to view and print a “Post-9/11 GI Bill Statement of Benefits”. This will contain the same information, but will have the VA seal.

  • This school will accept this as an official document and as proof of benefits if the student does not have a Certificate of Eligibility.

GI-Bill Forever Update Information Click Here

Post-9/11 GI-Bill information Click here

Veterans may be eligible for benefits in one of the following programs.

we are proud of Our veteran student reviews

Click here to read more reviews and testimonials!

To Casey and Son Horseshoeing School,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to train at your facility.  I had no prior experience prior to attending and graduated with a wealth of knowledge.  I also did not realize I would be gaining such a supportive network of knowledge that is willing to help and guide me throughout my career. I was fortunate to attend the 12 week AND the 6 week Advanced Courses!

From the first time talking with Ginger she went well above and beyond in her service and assistance.  When I was unable to attend on my original start date the School again ensured me it was no issue and fully understands life problems and changes, often at the last minute. 

I am a retired Coast Guardsman rated at 100% disability.  The school never pressured too hard when I had rough days or old injuries acting up.  Link would change the schedule or my tasking for that day in order to accommodate my physical abilities. I originally believed that I would not be able to meet the physical challenges of becoming a farrier, but quickly realized the health benefits of the job. This has been one of the greatest physical therapies I have ever been a part of.  You also get the satisfaction of helping equine and educating horse owners on the importance of taking care of their horses.  

Since graduating I have applied the techniques taught as well as business strategies learned.  If you are willing to listen and apply from the decades of experience taught by the Casey's you can have a successful career.  Once graduated you will have a vast network of knowledge and experience to help with any problems that may arise and a helpline for advice.  

I have also learned since graduating that it doesn't matter your experience level.  Horse owners want to know you care, can be contacted, and show up when you say you will.  I feel that if you can stick to these things owners will gladly pay you for your services and not question your opinions.  It has also been nice having the Farriers’ National Research Center located at the school, as this is an invaluable resource for any farrier.

Thank you, Scott Wilburn

Scott also told us that the horse handling and training with the Noavel Headstall helped him immensely. The Equine Flexion Therapy course was EXCELLENT and rounded out his education with the anatomy and motion of horses in general. He recently held a clinic at a private barn. They too were excited to learn something new from their farrier!  He had their unridden, never shod 13 year old gelding ready for shoeing and riding after just an hour of safe handling with the Noavel Headstall.

Scott attended the 12 week AND the 6 week Advanced Courses! We know he will go far in this career to support his big family !

A Student Review:


I was a student at the Casey and Son Horseshoeing School and the Farriers’ National Research Center. I found the school online and after doing some research I spoke to a very nice lady named Ginger. She helped me through everything I needed for my Veteran funding to attend the school. When I started I met one of the main instructors Link Casey. He taught the class by visual and hands on learning. He answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable on this trade. I wouldn’t change anything about the school from the clean bunk house to the class time and the in between excellent breakfast and lunches. Since attending the school, I have started on my own and have been very successful in this trade. With the knowledge, I obtained from the school it has helped me go down the right path to making this my career. Most my clients love how I answer their questions and give them knowledge on the Anatomy of their horse I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the help of the school and their amazing instructors Link Casey and Ronney DeBoard

Thank you, Forrest Bass

Since this comment Forrest informed us that he had met other farriers in his area and is starting a good business relationship with them. He says he “absolutely loves this business and cares about the horses that he serves”.

He attended the 12 week course AND 6 week Advanced Courses.


After applying, be sure to:

Call the telephone number on the website 2-3 days later to confirm receipt and discuss with a person. 

Working Farriers, Certified or Not, who have a Military Background with GI and Post 9/11 Funding are eligible to sign up for our "6 week Advance Horseshoeing Higher Education IV Course"

  AND Don't Forget To Visit Our Farrier Science page! 

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