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14013 Georgia East Hwy 136
LaFayette, GA, 30728


At Georgia Horseshoeing School, we train farriers by providing knowledge and skill at the highest level. Using the latest technology, we provide farriers with the best education possible. Learn corrective horseshoeing, hoof repair, gait analysis, blacksmithing and business management for horseshoers.


Trim Class

Welcome: Horse Owners, Families, Groups, Clubs, Eventers
We offer a 2 Day Trim Class for Owners…
Working with your OWN Horses!
Not offered at any other farrier school!!!
(Tuesday - Wednesday) (Friday - Saturday)


Trim Your Own Horse Class:


Taking this trim class for your own education is an excellent opportunity to learn more about horses in general, starting with your own.

The purpose of bringing your horses with you is… NUMBER ONE! You learn how to maintain your own, not someone else’s horses. You have a Farrier Instructor overseeing your steps all the way. You can take photos and notes of what you learned so you know exactly what to do when you get home.

You will not be satisfied, learning on other horses and breeds other than your own. You will have more questions when you get home than you have today.

Most people call us because they can’t find a farrier in their area or want to save money on farrier visits. Please don’t fire your farrier yet. You may need their advice in the future. The advantage of this training will help you BOTH communicate on hoof issues and help you understand the troubles the farrier runs into. Hands-on with supervision by the professional farrier is an ideal situation rather than from a video.

The goal is to teach you on YOUR OWN Horses. Why?  There are a lot of factors to consider when making the best decision for every horse that is trimmed. Normally a farrier student spends 12 weeks or more trimming for barefoot AND trimming prior to shoeing for horses every day. Learning the difference with Practice, practice and more practice.

In the short period of two days, we can show you how to safely get up under the horse while holding and managing the hoof and leg. How to safely and properly use a sharp hoof knife, a sharp rasp/file and sharp hoof nippers.  A mis cut or slip of the tool can cut too much hoof off and cause damage. Hoof wall and sole is like “gold” we want to keep as much as possible for the health of the horse remaining barefoot. We don’t want you to cut yourself either!  Learn how to use and read a hoof gauge. Learning how to coordinate and do all this while the horse is moving, snatching and wiggling around is a lot to learn in only two days. And will your horse stand still, if not then horse handling and training a horse to stand comes into play. Our students go through a safety check on every horse first and foremost. The evaluation of your horse’s conformation, etc. is part of the training. What is its daily regimen, environment, riding, events, etc.

This is only the beginning. We want you to understand what and why you are trimming according to the 6 Steps lesson plan we have organized. The anatomy parts and functions of the hoof and lower limb. What do you have to work with in the beginning and what the outcome should be over time. Corrective Trimming comes into play.  The breed of the horse. The problems that may occur in matching up the hooves, the quality of the hoof, nutritional value, thin or thick walls, thrush, diseases, low heels, etc. Whether it is young or old, all hooves are NOT in the same condition as the horse before it.

Spend your $$$ wisely and Bring Your Own Horses to our special Trim Class.

Hoof care is often ignored when purchasing or owning a horse.  We offer the best and only opportunity for owners and the horse industry to improve this situation.


Hands-on with your Horses all Day!
Trim classes are scheduled to be convenient for working people who want to learn more about the hoof care for their own horses. It can be scheduled on Tues-Wed & Fri-Sat year-round!  If you only have one day available, Saturdays are best.

Please read over the Age Requirements and Enrollment Agreement which includes the Liability Release Form. We will need these signed and sent in with your tuition. The suggested student age is 21 and over; male and female, if attending on your own. Ages under that are allowed only if accompanied with their parent(s) or another adult over 21 as an observer or student.

These two days are equivalent to the first two of our 2-week course. We will concentrate on trimming your own horses to remain barefoot. Handling, proper stance, using and choosing your tools, anatomy and basic hoof care knowledge while teaching you to properly trim is our goal. Safety is our priority with NO injuries to horses or students.

The Tuition cost for two days is only $250.00 required at the time of registration to hold your date. This includes your lodging, two meals a day, use of our tools and Instruction by Master Farrier Instructors for 8 hours each day.  Upon arrival, we will give you a DVD and booklet to study that night.

FAQ:  The Tuition of just one day if preferred is $125.00 if you only have Saturdays available.

Call our office to arrange individually.
Tuesday/Wednesday ; Friday/Saturday or Saturday only.

We have outside holding pens and some covered stalls in case of bad weather for your short stay. You MUST have a current negative COGGINS report. You are asked to provide your own hay and feed during your stay and leave the stalls clean. There is no additional charge. You may park your trailer and stay in it if you choose but no hookups are available. NO DOGS PLEASE.

Daily hours: 8am – 5pm Includes Breakfast & Lunch

Arrival: Please arrive the day before and check in at the office anytime by dark.

Our Class Days begin on Tuesday and ends on Saturday, allowing five working days. You may arrive on the previous day and leave the following day.

Housing: Separate men’s and ladies bunkhouses are on the property, we are not equipped for couples to stay together. We ask you stay in separate bunk houses unless you would like to stay in a nearby motel. Grocery stores, shops and a coin laundry are located within 18 miles in nearby Calhoun, Georgia. Each student should provide twin size bed linens, towels, toiletries & personal items.

We will send you a list. You may park your trailer and stay in it if you choose but no hookups. No dogs please.

Student Tools:  You need these 3 new items that we can sell you here.
Hoof knife is 38.00, a rasp with a handle is $29.00, a wire brush is $6.00

Optional: Hoof Nippers (value $113.00 also available for sale)
We will let you borrow an apron, box for your tools and pair of Hoof Nippers.
These are available for purchase also if you choose.

Call us with your questions, we will be glad to assist you.       
Casey & Son Horseshoeing School, LLC