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14013 Georgia East Hwy 136
LaFayette, GA, 30728


At Georgia Horseshoeing School, we train farriers by providing knowledge and skill at the highest level. Using the latest technology, we provide farriers with the best education possible. Learn corrective horseshoeing, hoof repair, gait analysis, blacksmithing and business management for horseshoers.

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Ginger C.

My husband, Reed Remley, passed away last month. I am selling his rig as an entire unit, or will sell the topper separately. 2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty XLT, 6.4L twin turbo engine. Over 300,000 miles but new engine with less than 70,000. Brand new tires, new fuel pump, brakes, etc… (have paperwork on all repairs). Truck is in excellent running condition.

Topper is a Stonewell Bodies unit, fits 6 ¾ bed. Comes complete with all power tools and a ton of inventory.

UPDATE: Mrs. Remsley is not stripping down the truck and will be selling the tools individually. 

Located in Evansville, Wisconsin
Contact Mindy Remley at 608-774-0420 or


New School Graduate!

Ginger C.

New Farrier, Chris Lambeth of South Georgia is another proud graduate of Casey and Son Horseshoeing School as well an Equine Flexion Therapy Graduate of the Farriers National Research Center.

Chris Lambeth, GA 8.4.2018.JPG


Ginger C.

For August 7, 14 & 28 !!!
Sign up now and reserve your spot today! 

Clean housing WIFI and two HOT meals a day are included at no extra charge!!!!

Full time operating trade school Tuesday-Saturday year round. 
Full-time, part-time & Saturday only conveniently available.

You will receive daily:
50% Trimming & shoeing live horses
40% Forgework (Hot, Cold, Corrective)
10% Classroom Discussions & Business Lectures

Horses are provided by the public, different daily & delivered to the school saving valuable time & in a educational atmosphere. This allows you to work at "your own pace". Small classes of 8 are preferred. 

Our 12 week & 6 advanced courses includes the Equine Flexion Therapy Class; not available at any other school!

The ONLY Horseshoeing School who is affiliated with the
Farriers' National Research Center, only facility of its' kind that can offer you a: Legal Farrier Science Associate Degree!






Ben Young of Tennessee

Ginger C.

Ben Young, upgrading to BWFA JI 7.14.2018.JPG

2017 Graduate Ben Young returned for a 2-week refresher course in 2018 to upgrade to BWFA Journeyman I status. Proudly wearing his BWFA belt buckle here with Link Casey, BWFA President & Tester. Ben has a rather excellent success story of his 1st year working as a Farrier and we are all so proud of him! 

Saddle Fit Class

Ginger C.


Our Farrier Education includes clinics on "How To Better Serve Your Customers" and improve your overall horse knowledge. Link Casey, offered a "Saddle Fit Class" for a ladies riding club. Enjoyed by all who were already experienced riders with good horses. One needed an all new saddle & pad to fit properly and others just needed an adjustment or two. The infrared FLIR camera used showed the 'inside' of the story. What might be blamed on shoeing could actually be a saddle fit problem and vica-versa.
Click here to check out slideshows of the course!

BWC Films Invitation: The Bounty Hunter Screening

Ginger C.

The Bounty Hunter Screening.jpg

Good morning! My name is Shannon Hess, I'm the social media manager and executive assistant for Bravo Whisky Charlie Films you to the big-screen debut of our indie western that we filmed up at Casey & Son Horseshoeing School. I should note, this is only a Short film version, not the feature-length film on which we are still working.

The film will be shown at 7pm on Wednesday June 27th at the historic Strand Theater on Marietta Square in Marietta, Georgia. If you would like to attend, there is a Facebook event at this link:

The address for the theater is 117 N Park Square, Marietta, GA 30060. I've attached maps of the square so you can find it more easily.

Thank you for your support.
Shannon @ BWC Films

Saddle Fit Class $Free$

Ginger C.

In Association With 40 Something Cowgirls: Dallas, Georgia Chapter

By popular request from our customer Judy Carroll, we will be hosting a saddle fit class on Saturday, July 7th. We will have two sessions 9-12 & 1-4 . Judy is a member of the 40 Something Cowgirls, Dallas, Georgia Chapter. This is an International Association with chapters all over the United States and now in Australia. We would like to invite members of ALL the Georgia Chapters. Open attendance to all of our school customers & visitors with their horses as well. 

Link Casey; Master Educator, Master Farrier, will be the instructor on his campus in Villanow, Ga.

  • Step by step evaluations of YOUR horse, YOUR tack & YOU as the rider.
  • Using our Thermal Imaging as visual proof. 
  • Equine Flexion Therapy techniques
  • Indicating stress points  
  • Farrier knowledge and advise.
  • Refreshments & Lunch $10.00 each
  • RSVP for attendanceit is a priority!
    (706) 397-8909

Happy Horse Makes A Happy Owner!

7 Equine Flexion Therapy with Dan Marcum at FNRC 4.26.09 010 Saddle Fit area.jpg

For more information and pictures please go to the Farriers National Research center by clicking here !



Ginger C.

Reserve yours by June 15th!

Just in time for FATHERS DAY!!!!!!

(Pass this along to your Wife & Kids)

  • Flir ONE PRO is handy and easy to use, attaches to Android or I-Phone.

  • The C-3 has WIFI capability. 

Both Great tools for Smart Farriers!
Give yourself and edge in the Farrier Business. By a FLIR today!
For More Information about FLIR and it's products please click HERE


UNIDENTIFIED LAMENESSES and Equine Flexion Therapy

Ginger C.

Unidentified Lameness By Dan Marcum.jpg

By: Dan Marcum, Equine Adjuster, Master Farrier, Texas
Farriers National Research Center and School, Georgia

“EFT” Equine Flexion Therapy in simple terms is:
Flexing, Stretching & Massage for a more comfortable and calm horse.

Tight muscles may be a source of hard to identify lameness issues that give farriers and veterinarians headaches. Tight muscles, shortened muscles, muscle knots and spasms, etc., often wreak havoc on the horse's range of motion.

Muscle problems can contribute to a general lethargy, as the horse does not want to extend, flex or bend sore muscles. If he favors one painful area, he may soon be sore all over as his body compensates. Unfortunately, X-rays do not tell us anything about muscles.

Muscles have four basic actions relating to the skeleton: extension, flexion, adduction, and abduction. These muscles affect the horse when he is static (standing) or dynamic (moving in any gait).

Over a period of time tight muscles can pull the skeleton out of alignment causing other lameness issues. His stance can be affected. He may appear toed in or out, camped out or under.  Tight muscles can certainly contribute to a multitude of problems - difficulty with leads, stiffness, short striding, backing, staying in the bridle, collection, bending, the way he tracks, and so on.

Problems lifting his legs for the farrier is an indication there may be a problem!

Joints can also be affected by muscle problems. There are basically two types of joints in the horse’s limb, ball and socket. It can cause the hoof to land medial or lateral of center of the limb track. Many times, the joint gets the blame

On their own, chiropractic and massage are helpful, but EFT combines and addresses the muscles and the skeleton. If the skeleton is out of alignment and adjusted, the tight muscles can pull them back out of alignment. If the skeleton is out of alignment and the muscles are massaged, it can relax the spine and may allow it to go back in alignment. However, massage is not completely reliable to realign the spine. One without the other is not as beneficial as both. EFT addresses both of them. 

Equine Flexion Therapy (EFT) can help you learn to identify muscle/skeletal related lameness. Whether their problem is muscular or skeletal, it will help you solve many of these issues and help you become a farrier, trainer, or horseman one step above others.

More information at:

Farrier Truck & Equipment For Sale, New York : Revised

Ginger C.

For Sale: Farrier Truck complete. 2008 Ford 250XLT with pull out tray (ready for new Farrier Student).

Price includes all tools, shoes, forge, anvil and stand, aluminum tool box, belt sander, grinder, duval pad cutter, oxygen/acetylene with hoses and torches and more…truck ready to roll. 152,000 miles, mostly highway.
Asking: $ 18,000.
Call for more information (845)434-8719

truck 1.jpg
truck 2.jpg
truck 3.jpg
truck 4.jpg