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14013 Georgia East Hwy 136
LaFayette, GA, 30728


At Georgia Horseshoeing School, we train farriers by providing knowledge and skill at the highest level. Using the latest technology, we provide farriers with the best education possible. Learn corrective horseshoeing, hoof repair, gait analysis, blacksmithing and business management for horseshoers.

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Descriptions & Curriculum

Did you know? A certified Farrier can earn:
$50,000 - $100,000 per year!
Five courses to choose from: 2 days to 18 weeks! 
PLUS specialty 1 & 2 week continuing education courses
for working Farriers!
100% Hands On Shoeing With LIVE Horses At Our School!
We NEVER Shoe Horse Cadaver Hooves!!!

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live shoeing


want to know Why we are #1? Visit Our Farrier Science Page to find out  Click HERE

5 Courses to choose from, 2 days to 24 weeks!

If you are comparing schools:

We use a streamlined teaching method, backed by over 30 years of research. Our use of today's technology allows us to solve hoof problems faster and more efficiently. With 90% of our hands-on training being on-site, we save even more time, providing an 8 week education in a 6 week period of time and a 16 week education in 12 weeks. We are the ONLY school to offer an additional Advanced Specialty 6 week course.

Our teaching is based on our easy to comprehend “6-Steps” plan. We call it “The Grammar School of Trimming and Shoeing Horses” (copyrighted).

New students or Horse Owners & NON-Horse Owners:
You may have experience riding on top of a horse, but not under a horse. You are here as a beginner. When you apply our 6 Steps you will only then understand the importance of the farriers role in maintaining a healthy horse with healthier hooves to stand on.

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Our school allows you to   attend on a full-time, part-time or Saturday-Only schedule. Click on "Attendance Options" to learn more. Classes are held Tuesday through Saturday, year round.

Students are welcome to bring their own horses to trim & shoe during their training!!

Horses are provided by the public, different daily & delivered to the school saving valuable time & in a educational atmosphere. This allows you to work at "your own pace". Small classes of 8 are preferred. 

All courses:
50% Live Shoeing
40% Shop Forgework
(Hot, Cold, Corrective)
10% Classroom Discussions & Lectures By  Guest Farriers.

Horseshoeing I: 2 Weeks (10 Days) = 90 Hours

These are the first 2 weeks of all our courses. We begin with safety first, while handling and being underneath horses. Whether you are a horse owner with a few horses, barn manager with a herd or maybe considering to coninue into this as a career, these first two weeks are crucial in understanding the REASON and PURPOSE of trimming, shoeing, overall hoof care and safety ! Training in class, by shoeing live horses and learning the necessary shoe shaping and forging techniques. (This course is NOT intended for you to go out and shoe for the public and not VA approved.)
A 2 week course is like getting your learners license!
Your on the road, but not ready to drive solo!

Includes: #1 School Manual and DVD

Horseshoeing II: 6 Weeks (30 Days) = 270 Hours

Six Weeks (30 days): You will receive the equivalent of an eight week course in a six week period, allowing you to spend a shorter time away from home. You will learn how to change the horse's mode of travel caused by poor leg and hoof conformation or previous improper shoeing, how to recognize, prevent and correct lameness, in depth study of the anatomy related to proper balance and shoeing of all breeds and types of horses. You will learn to handle spoiled horses, learn basic horse psychology, how to set up your own business and shoeing rig, receive BUSINESS STRATEGY LECTURES, classroom time and extensive live shoeing and forging.

Includes: #2 School Manual, Nutrition Booklet and DVD, Novel Headstall DVD.

Horseshoeing III  12 Weeks (60 Days) = 549 Hours

Twelve Weeks (60 days): This course prepares the student further to be a professional farrier. After the six week course you will concentrate your time on perfecting your techniques. You will work with the professional farriers in the FNRC. You will learn to use the arc welder in making more professional corrective shoes. You will learn advanced shoeing techniques for lameness of the leg, hoof repair along with continuous live shoeing, classroom and forging each day. Includes the EFT Class.

Option 1 Tools Includes: #3 School Manual, The EFT Course and Book.
Option 2 Tools Includes: #3 School Manual, The EFT Course and Book, Anvil & Anvil Stand. 

Horseshoeing IV  Advanced Course            Additional 6 Weeks (30 DAYS) 270 HOURS

You must complete the 6 or 12 week course before enrolling in this continuing education course.

This course is accepted by the Veterans Post 9/11 Funding.

The intent is to provide Specialty Shoeing Courses on a more professional level to provide a higher paying self-employment for these men and women. At the completion of this course, the farrier can apply for the Journeyman level Farrier Certification.  We have 4 divisions for a total of 6 weeks of advanced training. We will offer one course a month, year round, allowing the working farrier to work around the schedule.

Includes: #4 School Manual.

Click Here for More Information on Horseshoeing IV

Trim Class (Only available here)
We offer two day courses for horse owners who want to bring their horses with them and learn to trim their own.

Trim Class Details Here.

Call 706-397-8909 for next available Trim Class dates and reserve your space today. These classes fill quickly.

Horsemanship Classes
We offer short courses for farriers and horse owners who want to learn the fundamentals of handling, safety, riding & more.

Horsemanship Class Details Here.

Course Curriculam 

Our training is based on our “Primary Reason for Shoeing a Horse”

Answer: to keep the bony column of the leg in alignment, wherein when the foot strikes the ground, the entire bony column, including the spine, equally absorbs the concussion.

To achieve this, we must balance the horse.
Balance is defined as “equal weight distributed all around the shoe”

We have designed easy to understand terms with diagrams and our own documented cases that we refer to as “The Six Steps.” (copyright)
The DVD is entitled” The Grammar School of Trimming & Shoeing Horses”
1) Leg Length
2) Toe Length
3) Lateral and Medial Balance
4) Symmetrical
5) Natural Angle
6) Boney in the center of the shoe

Each course begins with our “6 Steps Grammar School of Trimming and Shoeing Horses" and follows through daily on every horse.

  • Horsemanship & Horse Psychology

  • Variety of Equine Breeds available

  • Aging the horse

  • Evaluating, safety rules

  • Anatomy of the whole horse

  • Bones of the Front and Hind Limb

  • Hoof Structures

  • Using and choosing your tools

  • Shoe and Nail Sizes, name brands and styles

  • Serious Hoof Problems of all types

  • Correctly Driving Nails

  • Clinching Nails, Finishing

  • Evaluating Lameness of the Hoof & Horse

  • Traveling Problems and Correction

  • Correct arising problems: Cracks, Splits, Hoof Loss, Bonding, Pads, Glue-on, keeping up with progress, Choosing and using the hand tools

Infrared Thermal Imaging, Treadmill, Track. CaseyCam and Equine Flexion Therapy only found at this school ! These educational aids were developed to help you see and study your before and after results.

Shop: Gas Forge work & Blacksmithing: (40%)
(referred to as Hot, cold, corrective and hand made shoes)

  • Every shoe is  “fit to the foot.”

  • Flattening, Mounting, Centering, punching, tricks with heat,

  • Handmade shoes of most popular styles used, steel, aluminum

  • Cold  is shaping and modifying (keg) factory made shoes on the anvil.

  • Hot Shoeing refers to Forge work when shaping the shoe while hot using propane gas forges and hot shoeing refers to ensuring a level flat hoof. We modify factory made (keg) shoes into corrective shoe shapes and make hand made shoes from bar stock for corrective shoeing. We use arc welding and other industrial equipment to aid and improve our skills.

CLASSROOM  Time (10%)
All of the above is discussed thoroughly by reviewing your days’ work and evaluating your progress. Homework is given for evening studies on your own. Our manuals and DVD’s included. Study Resources consist of a Library of Books you can check out. Business strategy is discussed in ALL areas of training.

“Business Strategy”
We were the first school to promote our “Business Strategy” when we opened our doors in 1989. I have been self-employed in many jobs including a Farrier and wanted more self-employed Farriers to succeed. The old fashion ways worked then and still do as we have incorporated modern technology and social media into our practices for the variety of diversified business choices.

I think “out of the box”. That irritates others, but they seem to come around eventually and copy our ways. As with forming the Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association, same situation, they just didn’t think of it first. Farriers are not going to give you a paycheck, the owner will! Educate the horseowner and you will go far personally and in business.

The Farrier business is hard enough on your body and mind, so I suggest hanging around successful people with positive attitudes. Stay away from negativity in this business.

Ralph Casey

TESTING: Written, orally and one-on-one during your schooling to prepare for successful graduation. All will be determined upon the length of course you attend.

Horsemanship and SAFETY: We highly promote and teach safety measures handling horses to avoid injuries to students or horses. Students and owners are asked to sign a liability release form.

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