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At Georgia Horseshoeing School, we train farriers by providing knowledge and skill at the highest level. Using the latest technology, we provide farriers with the best education possible. Learn corrective horseshoeing, hoof repair, gait analysis, blacksmithing and business management for horseshoers.

Reviews & Testimonials

Our students say it best. Read student reviews for Georgia Horseshoeing School here. Learn why our graduates think we're the best farrier school in the world! Also, Click here to read our Equine Flexion Therapy (EFT) Class Testimonials! 

To Casey and Son Horseshoeing School,

Scott Wilburn, GA Veteran 7.8.17.JPG

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to train at your facility.  I had no prior experience prior to attending and graduated with a wealth of knowledge.  I also did not realize I would be gaining such a supportive network of knowledge that is willing to help and guide me throughout my career. I was fortunate to attend the 12 week AND the 6 week Advanced Courses!

From the first time talking with Ginger she went well above and beyond in her service and assistance.  When I was unable to attend on my original start date the School again ensured me it was no issue and fully understands life problems and changes, often at the last minute. 

I am a retired Coast Guardsman rated at 100% disability.  The school never pressured too hard when I had rough days or old injuries acting up.  Link would change the schedule or my tasking for that day in order to accommodate my physical abilities. I originally believed that I would not be able to meet the physical challenges of becoming a farrier, but quickly realized the health benefits of the job. This has been one of the greatest physical therapies I have ever been a part of.  You also get the satisfaction of helping equine and educating horse owners on the importance of taking care of their horses.  

Since graduating I have applied the techniques taught as well as business strategies learned.  If you are willing to listen and apply from the decades of experience taught by the Casey's you can have a successful career.  Once graduated you will have a vast network of knowledge and experience to help with any problems that may arise and a helpline for advice.  

I have also learned since graduating that it doesn't matter your experience level.  Horse owners want to know you care, can be contacted, and show up when you say you will.  I feel that if you can stick to these things owners will gladly pay you for your services and not question your opinions.  It has also been nice having the Farriers’ National Research Center located at the school, as this is an invaluable resource for any farrier.

Thank you, Scott Wilburn

Scott also told us that the horse handling and training with the Noavel Headstall helped him immensely. The Equine Flexion Therapy course was EXCELLENT and rounded out his education with the anatomy and motion of horses in general. He recently held a clinic at a private barn. They too were excited to learn something new from their farrier!  He had their unridden, never shod 13 year old gelding ready for shoeing and riding after just an hour of safe handling with the Noavel Headstall.

Scott attended the 12 week AND the 6 week Advanced Courses! We know he will go far in this career to support his big family !

Questions & Answers: 
An evaluation from a woman who recently brought her own 2 horses for the
2-DAY Trim Course for Horse Owners and their horses.

Q. How many hooves did you trim?
A. 7

Q. What did you learn about safety?
A. To always do a safety check first.

Q. Did we push you to hard? Not enough?
A. Just right.

Q. Do you feel that you did the best job you could possibly do?
A. I could do better, have to make myself stronger.

Q. Did your horses “cooperate” for trimming?
A. NO. Training to stand still was needed by the Instructor and Students there. He would not hold still! I leaned how to use the Noavel Headstall and then felt very safe. I purchased one with the DVD and will certainly study it and share with others on the farm back home.

Q. What would you have changed or done different and what do you need more help in?
A. The classes and instruction are very good I will just need more practice.

Q. How would you rate the Instructor(s) from 1-10 (10 being the highest rating)
A. 10

Q. Comment on Communicating with your Instructor(s):
A. Anytime I had a question instructor showed me what I needed to do and how.

Q. Comment on Communicating with other students:
A. Other Students were very helpful and knowledgeable.

Q. Overall school activities rating:
A. Excellent

Q. Meals:
A. Excellent

A Student Review:

Forrest Bass, GA Veteran 4.15.17.JPG

I was a student at the Casey and Son Horseshoeing School and the Farriers’ National Research Center. I found the school online and after doing some research I spoke to a very nice lady named Ginger. She helped me through everything I needed for my Veteran funding to attend the school. When I started I met one of the main instructors Link Casey. He taught the class by visual and hands on learning. He answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable on this trade. I wouldn’t change anything about the school from the clean bunk house to the class time and the in between excellent breakfast and lunches. Since attending the school, I have started on my own and have been very successful in this trade. With the knowledge, I obtained from the school it has helped me go down the right path to making this my career. Most my clients love how I answer their questions and give them knowledge on the Anatomy of their horse I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the help of the school and their amazing instructors Link Casey and Ronney DeBoard

Thank you, Forrest Bass

Since this comment Forrest informed us that he had met other farriers in his area and is starting a good business relationship with them. He says he “absolutely loves this business and cares about the horses that he serves”.

He attended the 12 week course AND 6 week Advanced Courses.

A recent student evaluation about his stay at Casey & Son Horseshoeing School

I came here with an open mind. I had attended a 12-week course 10 years ago at a different school. We mostly concentrated on making handmade competition shoes three days a week so the owner could compete in a contest with his students. Out of school I didn’t have enough hands on with horses and found that I needed more forge work in modifying keg shoes.

I shod some and worked other jobs. My dad is a shoer and now needs my brother and I to take over the business so he can retire. My brother attended Casey’s earlier in the year for a two-week refresher and loved it. I could tell the difference in his work, so I decided to attend for two weeks as an advanced course.

I knew how to get the front hooves flat but no “balanced together.” I told Ginger that the Casey’s Grammar DVD is an excellent “Barney” style explanation. She thought that was funny. As farriers son I understood it and as a horse owner first I learned even more. It is the grammar school knowledge that all owners should understand and will be excellent to share with my customers.

I am learning to “talk it out” myself. I am excited. I have a plan now, return to school two weeks at a time for the six advanced with a goal of shoeing competitive on the Hunter Jumpers circuit back home. I learned I was losing money per horse and working on too many in a day !! I learned to itemize my bill! Links business sense made sense to me!

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Link Casey a 10 ! He is very, very easy to talk with and get help when needed. Very good at showing and describing what to do and how.

They did not push me too hard, just hard enough, “perfect pace.”

Thank you, Josh

It was a pleasure to have Josh here and we look forward to his return. He is one of those excited young farriers we like to see!

Update from a previous review

Graduate of 2014

Jerry Scheweinlein of New York


9-5-17 Jerry called today to purchase several more Noavel Headstalls for his clients. We just had to add his comments to our reviews to share with other students and prospective students. “I am proud to say that I expect my income to be $85-90,000 this year !  My phone just won’t stop ringing! All are from individual referrals now, no advertising and no face book. I have been invited to be the Show Farrier next month at an International A rated show where horses range from $80-100,000. No Smucks !  I love my job and it just keeps getting better and better. Thanks again to the Casey School ! “


We are very proud of Jerry. He was age 46, retiring from a previous career when he first attended our school. His motivation and what we call “people skills” has made him a success at home.

Over all this school is very learner friendly and very hands on. I like how it can help people with leaving and coming back to complete their 6-12 week course and still be able to work a full time job. This is a great school that I highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to become a Farrier.

-Hunter Pelham Michigan 2017 (Father is a full time Farrier)


I am only 19 years old and I have always loved animals and now being a farrier, that's awesome. Now that I am a farrier that is what I am going to be doing as a living.

-Brandon Jones

Landon Damesworth, 2015 Graduate with Link, owner and instructor of Georgia Horseshoeing School

Landon Damesworth, 2015 Graduate with Link, owner and instructor of Georgia Horseshoeing School

-Landon Damesworth
2015 Georgia Horseshoeing School Graduate, Brandon Jones with owner and instructor, Link.

2015 Georgia Horseshoeing School Graduate, Brandon Jones with owner and instructor, Link.

"I joined the military soon after turning 18, finished by contract and decided to start my own business shoeing horses. Georgia Horseshoeing School has more than met all expectations. I am very confident in my work after completing the 12 week course. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn to shoe."
"After I graduated from the University of Findlay, I had a Bachelor's Degree in Science, majoring in Western Equestrian Studies and Equine  Business and I wanted to learn to be a professional farrier. After being here for 12 weeks, I feel I have learned everything I need to be a professional farrier."
-Brandon King
Christine White, VA 9.7.2014.JPG

Graduated 11/17/13

"I have been apprenticing with a farrier for a few years. I attended the 2 week course. The instruction was tailored to my personal needs. I will practice more forging home. The instructors were excellent at conveying their expert knowledge and teaching abilities."

Rod Witherite
West Milton, Pennsylvania

Brandon King, Georgia Horseshoeing School graduate in 2015, with Owner and instructor, Link.

Brandon King, Georgia Horseshoeing School graduate in 2015, with Owner and instructor, Link.

As a woman, I was a bit nervous heading into a "man's world". Not that it stopped me. Link, Ginger, Ronnie and all my male counterparts at the school made my experience wonderful. They all made it a time I will never forget. I learned a lot and made friends that I still keep in touch with. I have to give a special shout out to Franz Robinson, Santiago Jaramillo, Joshua LaRose and of course my man George Cheripka. Some of you where there in the beginning and some at the end. All of you where supportive and encouraging. I can't thank you enough.
-Christine White, September 28, 2015

May 7, 2012 

"I’ve been out of school for one year now and I'm shoeing full time. I have an apprentice who helps me with barns of 10 horses or more. I’m currently making on average $1200-$1500 a week after materials. I've hosted several trimming and shoeing clinics in my area. Tractor Supply in Jonesboro, TN. has asked me do a shoeing presentation at Horse Days on May 11th.  I will be telling everyone interested in becoming a professional farrier that Georgia Horseshoeing School and the FNRC offer the best education in the U.S. I hope can visit soon for some advanced forge work."

Brandon Sorah
Church Hill, Tennessee

May 16, 2010

"I didn't think that my horse shoeing career would be anything like this. It seems like a get 2 or 3 new horses about every other week or so. Ya'll taught me well and I thank you for that. I learn something new every day with each new horse. I have to read a lot to keep up with what I find in the horses I work with. Many horse owners have not taken care of there horses feet. Thank you."

Update From
Ralph Rodgers
Lexington, South Carolina

April 19, 2012

"We are trimming our own horses and they are loving it! ...We have only 2 horses now and they are moving better than ever, standing like statues for the trims and very willing.  What a difference! Our guys are never ouchy, lame or in a bad mood...
Had we never attended your weekend clinic for owners, we would never had the training, skills, tools and courage to do it.  We "fired" our farrier over a year ago (long story for some other time) and we have never looked back. The vet is impressed and we are humbled. We continually read and watch DVDs on trimming and are the envy of the neighbors. Attending your class with the wonderful students that were there that weekend gave Ron the courage he needed to work around horses and the encouragement coming from them was better than I could have hoped for. I could have never accomplished what they did in building Ron's confidence so well. They were, to a person, the best group of people, ever.  Everyone was so generous with their time and talents; we (especially me) are forever grateful. I keep them and you all in my prayers. Thank you again for offering this course for owners with those wonderful students (the Teacher sets the tone in the class), and for us and our horses, it was a Godsend. All the best and God bless you!"

Susan Maida 
Parksley, VA 

February 26, 2011

"I've been working really hard the last couple months since my husband deployed and by the time he came back I had moved my horses here & I run my own barn. I'm teaching riding lessons, and I'm doing a bunch of farrier work with new customers calling every week.  Mostly doing trims while I'm making a name for myself around here, but all of my customers have been repeat customers and they like my work.  I just put on my first set of shoes since school, and I have a few new horses to shoe next week! 
I've also been named the official farrier of the Colquitt Co Saddle Club.  I attend all their rodeos, shows, and trail rides and do work on site.  Thank you all for the great education (and helpful business ideas/motivation...)  I can't wait to come back up there for some continuing education soon."

Lauren Dykstra 
Warner Robins, GA

October 4, 2009

"Three weeks after I left school, I had a horseshoeing clinic at a local stable and won over every boarder there. There were about 20 people that showed up all together. Not everyone boarded their horses there, but they all came out. I got all 12 people that boarded there to convert to have me shoeing their horses, and I got the others too. I have a good clientele since I left, but this by far was the best thing that happened yet! A local farrier told one lady that 'you can't learn to shoe no horse out of a text book'. That's when I told my customer that she could call and ask how much we read the book there... I read it daily here at feels good to know what you're talking about. I also have Dr. Perry on my side. He's the Vet here in this part of Alabama. He tells the world that I do corrective shoeing, and that I know the foot better than any farrier around here and I would be his first choice. Thanks so much. I can't wait until I can come back and at least hang around a day or two and help out. I love being a farrier!"

Antwan Lucas 
Pine Mountain, GA

"My Horses  are picking up every week. I'm getting one or two more every time I turn around. There are a few tricks to this and that's what I call shacking hands and kissing little babies! You've got to make people like you and then you have to be the better man under the horse. This is a great school, take my word for it and go get started!" ~Tim Chancey  2010 Graduate
"This school is great. It's very laid back but you learn a lot. Unlike other schools, you jump right into shoeing. You get a lot of real good experience with a lot or real bad hooves. I would recommend the 12 week course so you can get that extra time under the horse before going out on your own and yes, I am shoeing as a profession and not doing bad at all! Good luck!!!" ~Jacob: Graduate 2010

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